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The Problem

As students, we understand that doing laundry is hard: finding the time, transporting the clothes and paying high prices.
On average, a single person uses 149 litres of water per day, 12% on showering and 13% on laundry.
This dramatically increases with students, who spend nearly an hour and a half in the shower per week—wasting over 15,000 litres of clean water per student a year. 
So why not reuse this water to address the clothes washing issue.

The Solution

We have designed a product which helps students wash their laundry using less water than a normal washing machine. Water is collected in the removable water tank, which can be placed on the shower floor like a mat. Once you have finished showering, you can reattach the tank to the base. The machine filters the water and uses it to wash your clothes.

“Would love to see a prototype of this, the potential could be huge!”

Design By Nature, Hubbub

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