Our solution

Reducing water use and increasing energy efficiency are two significant global challenges in creating a more sustainable world. Tackling these two issues together is prevalent at the heart of Lylo's flagship circular economy product - a household aerating washing machine that reuses waste shower water. Our business vision is to create a commercially scalable version that meets sustainable and affordable small-space living demands.

Our product collects waste shower water in a portable ‘tank/mat’ that can be placed inside the shower tray while showering. The ‘tank/mat’ can be easily transferred and attached to our washing machine, which filters and reuses the water to wash clothes without using additional heat.

How it works

Built for...


Our machine is capable of a quicker and more cost-effective wash cycle than a typical washing machine, perfect for one-person households and the PBSA market.

Developing countries

Our machine uses considerably less water and energy than a typical washing machine, allowing limited resources to go further and reducing environmental impact.

Off-grid living

Our machine has no requirement for a plumbing infrastructure, and its small size allows for maximum portability, making it perfect for campers and liveaboards.


Is the water safe to use?

During the wash cycle, the water is pumped from the tank/mat into the drum and filtered. The filtration process reduces the number of sulphates to a 'drinking water' level, making it safe for laundry.

What's the drum capacity?

The drum can hold 3.5kg of laundry and complete a wash cycle in approximately 15 minutes.

How much water and electricity does it use?

The machine uses 0L of 'new' water and consumes only 0.48kWh of energy.